What's New in INERTIA

With INERTIA 2013, engineers can implement complex test applications easily and efficiently with the latest features in our updated test profile editor.  With these new capabilities, you can develop reusable test procedures, create custom test steps, and spawn unlimited parallel processes within a test.

Top New Features

INERTIA 2013 - reusable sub-procedures

Reusable Sub-Procedures

Save commonly used tasks as scripts that can be easily reused within your test profiles.  For example, store tasks for warm-up, ramping, pass/fail checks, and so on. Then call the sub-procedures within each and every test profile with a simple drag-and-drop.

INERTIA 2013 - parallel test processes

Unlimited Parallel Test Processes

Create as many processes as you want when running a test. For example, count switch events in one process, and monitor temperature and turn cooling water on and off in another. All processes run in parallel with INERTIA’s closed loop control to provide extensive, intuitive control of your test system.

INERTIA 2013 - custom test steps

Custom Test Steps

Configure your own completely custom test steps, complete with a step parameter dialog, to achieve the most exact and efficient test capabilities possible. If our native ramp step doesn’t suit you, you can build your own based on our included templates and examples.

INERTIA 2013 - test previewer

Test Previewer

Simulate your test profiles in a virtual environment to completely test their functionality prior to running them on the physical system.  You can pause, fast forward and single-step through any profile while monitoring its setpoint generation and adjusting input channels.

INERTIA 2013 - revision tracking

Revision Tracking

Track changes to your test profiles by adding revision numbers and comments to the test profiles to help provide useful documentation and troubleshoot issues.

Other Features

  • Cascaded control loops: Control multi-stage devices simply and intuitively through INERTIA’s native cascade control loops
  • Gain scheduling capabilities: Create hundreds of different tuning gain sets for each and every control loop and have INERTIA automatically select which set to use based on your criteria
  • Minimum and maximum limit loops: Use these optional control loops to provide automatic control transfer for a limiting loop when the user-defined limit is reached 


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