Industrial and Commercial

ic1 The Wineman Technology Industrial engineering team has diverse, hands-on experience in test equipment design, production assembly, and test systems for industrial and commercial solutions. Past solutions have crossed a diverse set of industrial solutions, from pick-and-place assembly (or goods assembly) to process automation. 

Our past projects include:

Engineering Disciplines

Our engineering staff combines years of experience in various engineering disciplines to provide a solution for virtually any testing requirement. From the integration of complex test systems to simple fixtures and gauges, our expertise helps meet today’s stringent design and quality requirements.

From Concept to Build

Depending on project requirements, we have the ability to take on any portion of a project or complete projects from concept to build. To ensure successful projects, we offer start-up services along with on-site services and support. We match each physical test system with state-of-the-art controls, from simple, open-loop PC- or PLC-based controls, to embedded real-time systems using the latest innovations in control and instrumentation hardware.

Software Solutions

The heart of any good control system is its application software. Whether a custom NI LabVIEW application to meet a specific requirement or our proven INERTIA control and automation software, our solutions provide an intuitive, highly flexible test environment and overall capabilities previously unattainable at these cost points.

End of line LED Control Board Tester

The End of Line LED Control Board Tester is a production test stand that tests 100% of the interior lighting control boards and LED boards produced.

Circuit boards are manually loaded by an operator. Once loaded, the test stand automatically makes the required electrical connections. Parts are tested using either voltage or current controlled pulse trains while the part is connected to simulated loads. Part performance is determined by measuring either output voltages or currents. Parts operating per specification are marked using a laser part marker.


Fatigue, Load Frames, and Burst Testers

Dynamic and fatigue test systems capable of single axis load frames to multi-axis, syncrhonized load simulation.  Learn more

Hose Impulse Test Stand

A turnkey impulse rig that tests the durability and life cycle of various hose assemblies.

The Hose Impulse Test Stand is a turnkey impulse rig that allows the customer to play out a waveform profile (sine wave) to test the durability and life cycle of various hose assemblies for automotive applications. The system is PLC based and also provides a heating system for supplying oil at elevated temperatures.


Hydraulic Pressure Cycle and Test Stands

Fully automated, high-pressure burst testers capable of safely performing both destructive and non-destructive press testing.  Learn more

Hydraulic Valve Test Stand

A precision flow test bench with integral position sensing feedback that improves grind accuracy, valve performance, and process throughout.  Learn more

Hydrostatic Drive

Simulates real-world conditions for a hydrostatic drive used in off-road equipment, such as large industrial lawn care equipment.  Learn more

Impulse Test Stand

Learn about our top-of-the-line impulse test rigs for life cycle durability testing of hydraulic equipment and components. Learn more

Impulse test stand

Motor Test Stand

Wineman Technology's Motor Test Stand executes Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) on hydraulic motors used in the aerospace industry. It provides a load on the motor and controls pressure (up to 3000 psi) or flow (up to 20 GPM) while measuring motor torque and speed. Our INERTIA™ test automation software programmed in LabVIEW is fully configurable and allows the operator to develop and edit test sequences as needs change.


Production Compressor Test System

Tests commercial compressors for air conditioning systems using three integrated stations and a conveyor system.  Learn more

Pump Test Stand

A custom system to provide precise control of drive speeds, pressure regulation, and load control. Learn more

Roller Dimensional Inspection System

The Roller Dimensional Inspection System was designed to measure the diameter and the crown of rollers that are used in the pulp and paper industry.

The rollers vary size from 20" - 240" in length, and 4" – 28" in diameter. The lasers have a resolution of 0.1 micrometer and a linearity of +/- micrometer. This system achieves accuracy of better than 0.0005 inches dependent on both temperature and vibration.


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