Medical Devices and Biotechnology

Medical device test - test tubesWineman Technology is uniquely positioned to help life science domain experts with medical device testing, as well as building cutting-edge biomedical system test architectures and database solutions. With our strong background in systems integration, software development and turn-key test system design, we can deliver advanced equipment more effectively and on a tighter schedule than in-house design resources, or work with your team to augment your current capabilities.

Core application areas include:

  • Medical devices and components
  • Microbiological and biotechnology laboratories
  • Biomedical implants and prosthetics
  • Pharmaceutical drugs and products

WTI specializes in the development of test systems for electronic hardware and software, including rapid prototyping capabilities for embedded systems. From surgical tools to biosensors to orthopedic hardware, our engineering team offers premium services to cover a complete range of services. In addition to test system development our capabilities include system and sub-system simulation, quality assurance, and warranty and maintenance support. We also have third party resources to assist you with verification and validation for FDA government and industry regulations. If you can imagine it, we can build a system or develop the software to test it. 

Our industry background encompasses:

Universal Tester for Life Cycle Durability

The ‘Totally Reconfigurable Universal System Tester’ platform was created for life cycle and durability testing for Stryker Instruments’ product research and development. Read more

Custom Board Design for Capacitor Testing

St. Jude Medical uses custom printed circuit boards (PCBs) in their testers that are used to evaluate giant, high precision capacitors. The scope of the project included designing and building the PCB electronics, as well as a long-term maintenance support for troubleshooting and replacing the boards. 

Blood Separation and Centrifugation Tester

This system for Baxter Health Care is used to test their machines for drawing blood, separating out and collecting certain components, and returning the remaining unwanted product back to the donor.

Asthma Inhaler Data Logger

Oriel Therapeutics specializes in designing inhalers for delivering powder media to patients with asthma. Using the National Instruments PXI platform, a data acquisition system was created to create suction on the inhaler under test and analyze the dispersion of the powder. The application has the ability to monitor and store data, as well as communicate with a PC using USB.

Environmental Chambers for Life Cycle Testing of Medical Equipment

This system for Johnson & Johnson Ethicon Endo-surgery automates the data acquisition and remote control of all their environmental chambers for life cycle durability testing of their medical instruments. These laboratory test chambers have the ability to ramp both humidity and temperature, typically from -40°F to 200°F. The data on the unit under test is tracked, as well as the corresponding environmental profiles, and then archived. The temperature ramping simulates the life cycle of the product as it goes from a procedure to an autoclave to storage and so on.

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Featured News Release

Stryker Chooses Wineman Technology for Medical Device Test Equipment and Software

Stryker medical device tester - small

A flexible and scalable life-cycle and durability tester was created to handle a wide range of new medical products in development.




"WTI has done an excellent job of providing timely technical support for our HIL test systems and has been very responsive to fixing issues and implementing enhancements."

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