INERTIA Test System Automation Software

Powerful test cell development software for quickly implementing real-time control, data acquisition, and test applications


INERTIA Real- Time Control System Software

Test System Control and Automation Software

INERTIA™ is a highly configurable automation software for real-time control, data acquisition, and test applications that enables test, manufacturing, and R&D engineers and scientists to quickly and easily develop, configure, and operate test cell systems using a configuration-based software application.


Key Test Cell Applications

INERTIA is ideal for creating, upgrading, and modernizing real-time control and data acquisition systems, such as:

  • Test Applications: dynamometers, hydraulics, and other custom test machines
  • Industries: automotive, aerospace, industrial and commercial
  • Motorized vehicles: cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, off-highway vehicles, motorcycles
  • Components: combustion engines, hybrid and electric motors


For maximum flexibility and scalability, this platform-independent software allows users to integrate a wide range of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware that best meets their requirements.

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Key Benefits

  • Efficient and streamlined for test system development and automation
  • Powerful functionality that tightly couples data acquisition and control
  • Customizable, scalable, and extensible through LabVIEW, MATLAB, and C
  • Easy-to-use and highly intuitive for end user configuration of both simple and complex applications
  • Open and COTS-based for maximum flexibility

Key Features

  • Ready-to-use closed-loop controllers with multi-axis synchronization and amplitude control
  • Multi-mode control support with bumpless transfer between modes
  • Intuitive test editor with easy-to-follow dialog boxes, auto-generated scripting, and preview abilities
  • Easy GUI development with application-specific, drag-and-drop tools
  • Integrated PID control loop tuning utility 

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What's New in INERTIA

Autonomous Six-Wheel Drive (6WD) Dynamometer Control and DAQ System

A state-of-the-art powertrain test cell equipped with six dynamometers with other 1000 kW of absorption capability to test 6WD all-terrain vehicles. Read case study

INERTIA-based Dynamometer System Provides Model-Based Control for Transmission Testing

A system that simulates a Class 8 truck in order to test Lubrizol additives that could potentially reduce operating friction in the transmission, reducing costs associated with long-term operation, and increasing overall life. Read case study

Developing a High-Force Linear Actuator Test Stand with INERTIA and PXI

Custom servo-hydraulic loading system for a classified naval application capable of providing forces in excess of 120,000 lbF. Read case study

Large-Scale Earthquake Simulation and Structural Test with INERTIA

A seismic-resistant family of self-centering (SC) steel frame systems with the potential to safely withstand the currently accepted design basis earthquake (DBE) for buildings without damage. Read case study

Ford Deploys Fuel Cell Test System Using INERTIA Software

Test system that uses a hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test stand to simulate, control, and monitor fuel cells for alternative energy passenger vehicles. Read case study

Four Square Test System with INERTIA

By updating a legacy four square test rig, this systems adds true automation for testing and simulating real-world conditions on off-highway vehicle drivetrain components. Read case study

Using INERTIA to Create a Flight Control Simulation System for the Dream Chaser Spacecraft

Wineman Technology designed a control and data acquisition system that applies aerodynamic loads to the Dream Chaser using INERTIA and non-proprietary hardware. Read case study.

As creator of both NI VeriStand and INERTIA, Wineman Technology has the expertise to design and build custom turnkey test, data acquisition, and real-time control applications with these products. We are the leading provider of custom integration, consulting, and training for all your INERTIA needs.

INERTIA has been integrated in many systems to provide an intuitive, highly flexible test environment.

System integration services include: 

Related products include:


Wineman Technology can help you troubleshoot a system or build it from the ground up. Contact us today to speak to an experienced engineer on how we can help with your existing system or turnkey solution. 

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Featured Case Study

Using INERTIA to Create a Flight Control Simulation System for the Dream Chaser Spacecraft

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Wineman Technology designed a control and data acquisition system that applies aerodynamic loads to the Dream Chaser using INERTIA and non-proprietary hardware.





"We selected Wineman as our HIL test system partner because of the flexibility and superiority of their test control software environment. The Wineman HIL tester allows us to completely validate our modules in less time and with higher reliability."

Jason G. Bauman
Lear Corporation - Electrical & Electronics Division