ServoEDGE Servo-Hydraulic Controller

ServoEDGE Servo-Hydraulic ControllersThe ServoEDGE servo-hydraulic controller is an integrated, multi-loop control and data acquisition system for servo-hydraulic applications, including system modernizations, new installations, turnkey solutions, and complete test cell control and data acquisition.

ServoEDGE provides both speed and torque control with four control channels that can be configured for ±100 mA, ±10 V, and ±20 mA.

The system is housed in a single, full-height, 19” rack-mount enclosure and is built on NI VeriStand software and the Wineman Technology INERTIA add-on, embedded on a multi-core NI PXI real-time controller. INERTIA software for real-time control provides advanced control features and a powerful, intuitive software interface for simplified mode control, test profile generation, and setup.

ServoEDGE is designed and pre-configured using both NI PXI hardware and Wineman Technology’s integrated connector blocks and power module to minimize cost and simplify connectivity and integration. The system provides a wide range of I/O capabilities, including frequency, encoder, strain gauge, thermocouple inputs, and numerous TTL and 24 VDC digital I/O, and the system is designed to be scalable and customizable by the end user.

Contact us for pricing or more information on ServoEDGE hydraulic controllers or turnkey solutions. Training and support services are also available for configuration, integration, startup, or per person on-site instruction.

ServoEDGE is a complete hydraulic control, monitoring, and data acquisition system that features:

  • Ready-to-use hardware and software specifically for hydraulic and servo-hydraulic applications
  • Control for two drives with multiple feedback channels and bumpless control mode switching
  • Built-in signal conditioning for connecting to sensors and actuators
  • Application-specific test profiles for servo-hydraulic testing 
  • Scalable and customizable by end user
  • Expandable 4-axis test cell controller with up to 4 kHz digital PID loop closure 
  • Real-time, deterministic control and data acquisition for servo-hydraulics
  • Multitude control
  • Wide variety of I/O, displacement, strain gauge, thermocouple inputs, and numerous TTL and 24 VDC digital I/O
  • 19-inch rack-mount enclosure with VeriStand and the INERTIA add-on preloaded and all channels configured
  • Preloaded operator PC with VeriStand and INERTIA control software with custom procedure commands for simplified mode control and setup
  • Easy connectivity to connector blocks makes wiring sensors easy
  • Integrated network hub and e-stop circuitry

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