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Custom HIL Testing Solutions

Wineman Technology is a world-class innovator in the design, build, and implementation of complete hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) and model-in-the-loop (MIL) systems. As an early pioneer, we developed a complete HIL/MIL software platform using National Instruments LabVIEW that is now NI’s flagship HIL/MIL product, NI VeriStand.

Our early development efforts and NI VeriStand expertise uniquely qualify us to maximize the benefits of and provide top-notch integration services for this software platform. Wineman Technology offers powerful and flexible MIL and HIL testing solutions, such as:

  • Full range of MIL and HIL test systems
  • Software for testing
  • Software for simulating electronic control modules
  • Fault insertion unit (FIU)

Autonomous Vehicle HIL System

The Autonomous Vehicle HIL System is a fully functional hardware in the loop simulation system for testing multiple ECUs on the R-Gator. 

The simulation system allows for full functional testing of the parameters of each ECU as if it was installed in the vehicle, simulating all inputs and outputs to and from the ECUs and varying their values as if operational on the vehicle. The autonomous vehicle has an ECU for vehicle function and a second ECU for sensory input. Additional capabilities include varying loads and fault insertion, providing a multitude of failure mode simulation. 


ECU HIL Test System

The ECU HIL Test System is a turn-key hardware in the loop simulation system for a body control module.

The system simulates all the necessary stimulus the module requires for it to perform as if it was in the vehicle. The real-time system provides for automated fault insertion, both CAN and LIN Bus communication, manual I/O breakout, and completely automated unmanned testing with pass/fail criteria logged.


Fault Insertion Unit

FIU-810 fault insertion boards that provide eight channels of fault insertion for simulating fault conditions. Learn more

Wind Turbine Embedded Control Systems for HIL Testing

Used hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems for software and hardware validation in real-world conditions without the actual turbine. Learn more  

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Featured Case Study

Ford Deploys Fuel Cell Test System



Wineman Technology was selected to create a flexible, scalable harware-in-the-loop (HIL) test stand for evaluating alternative fuel passenger vehicles. 





"We are constantly developing specialized equipment, sensors, actuators, and electronics for high-technology systems, and this real-time control system gave us the flexibility and customization we needed to test a unique actuator with unique requirements."

Michael Condon
General Atomic