Real-time Controllers and Data Acquisition

Full rackWineman Technology is a leader in the deployment of data acquisition systems. Wineman Technology understands the concepts required to develop successful data collection systems, such as common challenges and best practices for:and real-time controllers for all types of systems. We deployed our first LabVIEW-based real-time system in 1999, and since then have delivered hundreds of working solutions. Our proven track record in developing LabVIEW-based, real-time systems, and the successful deployment of both custom systems and standard products – such as the RAPID test cell controller – are a testament to our capabilities.

  • Sensor technology
  • System resolution
  • Accuracy and calibration
  • LabVIEW programming, including Real-Time, Embedded and FPGA

We are committed to the highest industry standards and maintaining internal best practices. Our expert engineering staff has a high level of certification, including five certified LabVIEW architects and many certified LabVIEW developers. 

24 Unit CAN Durability Tester

The 24 Unit CAN Durability Tester is designed to test a total of 24 turbo actuator units, setting and storing multiple test profiles. The system uses CAN communication to talk with the turbo actuators and includes an enclosure which consists of two NI PXI Chassis, two Samsung monitors, and two Sorenson power supplies. The INERTIA test software operates two separate 12-turbo actuator test stations (24 turbo actuators in total). 


86” Dyno Controller

The 86" Dyno Controller uses our INERTIA test software, LabVIEW Real-Time and National Instruments SCXI/PXI to test aircraft landing gear. The system is able to control an 86" diameter inertia mass and a hydraulic ram to repeatedly simulate real-world landing scenarios. The system performs real-time control of both the inertia wheel, through a large DC motor, and the hydraulic ram. The control system allows for bump-less transfer of control modes between torque, load and position. The system consists of over 175 channels of I/O including 64 strain/load inputs.


Drone Throttle Control Test System

This system enables testing of a throttle control assembly used in unmanned air vehicles (UAVs).  Learn more

High Speed Data Acquisition

The High Speed Data Acquisition System utilizes 34 NI PXI-6052E DAQ cards to acquire 102 channels of data at 100kS/sec/channel.  The data is streamed to six firewire hard drives for a period of up to 1 hour. The resultant acquisition is nine Ms/S.


Link Block Adjuster

Utilizing a PCI embedded real-time control card and various signal conditioning hardware, this system dynamically measures and adjusts the position of a mounting post in both X&Y. It utilizes two lasers to measure the position of the post in real-time and to adjust that position through two custom nut runners to within 0.001”.

M1A2 Abrams Tanks Thermal Analysis

The M1A2 Abrams Tanks Thermal Analysis is a thermal acquisition system that utilizes our INERTIA test automation software and National Instruments' real-time controllers to acquire over 530 channels of input including thermocouples, RTDs, voltages, and frequencies at acquisitions rates ranging from 10 Hz to 200 Hz. It also features the capability to perform up to 1,000 real-time air and thermal calculations on all inputs while performing redundant data logging to the real-time controller and host PC.

M1A2-Abrams-Tanks-Thermal-Analysis-System-part-1-slide-34 M1A2-Abrams-Tanks-Thermal-Analysis-System-part-2-slide-34

TFM Landing Gear Controller

This system uses INERTIA test automation software, LabVIEW Real-Time and National Instruments SCXI/PXI to test aircraft landing gear systems. Learn more

Tire Testing Systems

Tire companies must produce a product known for high quality, longevity, and energy efficiency while also offering high performance under a wide range of different conditions and use cases. As a result, the production, testing, and validation of tires is one of the most important and competitive areas of automotive component testing.

We specialize in making flexible and cost-effective tire test equipment for automotive, aerospace, off-highway, and other ground transportation vehicles. Our systems range from turnkey solutions like landing gear drop test systems for the aerospace industry, to custom solutions like controls upgrades for mileage accumulation stands used by the automotive industry. Learn more

Wind Turbine Embedded Control Systems for HIL testing

Used hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) test systems for software and hardware validation in real-world conditions without the actual turbine. Learn more

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Featured Case Study

Industrial Waste Heat Converts into Reusable Energy



Wineman Technology developed a real-time application for converting thermal energy produced by machinery into reusable power.





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